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Greater Wellington and Hawke's Bay Region

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Find out what your home is really worth from valuers who really know what they’re doing.

Terrace Garden

Senior Registered Valuer Malcolm Gillanders knows what kinds of properties sell quicker. Getting the best valuation is a large part of this. Your in-depth valuation can be done within a week by a leader in the industry.  

Get the reassurance that you are making the right decision from an expert valuer.  

A thorough property valuation will give you the best chance of selling.

Make an appointment and Malcolm can help you get to the next stage. He can also advise you on simple and effective ways to improve your home so you can sell it for more.

An inspection will be done to find out measurements, how it presents, materials and craftsmanship, how it’s been maintained, section details, views, and other special features. We take the time so that your valuation will be accurate and fair. 

Your final valuation will include:

  • mortgage security value for land and house and chattels;
  • photos;
  • mortgage recommendations;
  • saleability audit, locality review, details like rating valuation, legal description, and title details; 
  • investigation of any improvements;
  • and analysis of comparable sales in the area. 

Also find out simple and affordable ways to add value to your home before you sell.