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Greater Wellington and Hawke's Bay Region

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Find out the true value of the home you have now, or the one you want for your future

Residential and Lifestyle Property Valuation

You want to know you’re investing in an expert valuation to get you what you want. Your Valuers Inc valuation will be based on evidence, not opinion.

The right comparable sales will be selected, and every detail needed to get you closer to buying or selling, or renovating, will be meticulously researched and analysed. 

What your property valuation will include 

Your valuation will include:

  • Mortgage security value for land, house and chattels;
  • photos;
  • mortgage recommendations;
  • saleability and locality analysis;
  • details like rating valuation, legal description with title details;
  • examination of any improvements;
  • and comparable sales in the area.

Senior Registered Valuer Malcolm Gillanders will make you feel confident that you are getting a fantastic service so that you will get the outcomes you want. 

You will also be given a loyalty discount for more than one valuation.  

Trust us to help you get to the next stage.